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Harley Plumbing & Heating can supply a wide variety of shower mixers and enclosures. If you prefer to supply shower fittings yourself Harley Plumbing & Heating will gladly provide a quotation to install any items you provide. Contact by phone or email for free survey. 

Showers - Power, Manual, Thermostatic

Showering is almost certainly one of the most pleasant ways to start the day, but a shower can be just as pleasantly invigorating or relaxing at other times, too. After strenuous exercise, after a hard days work, or quite simply whenever you feel like it, as one of life's few simple pleasures.

No matter what type of shower you are after, Harley Plumbing & Heating can provide the perfect solution for you.


Manual and Thermostatic Mixer Showers
The mixing valve blends the hot and cold water together, controlling flow rate and temperature. With a manual model, the user controls the operation, so it is perfectly suitable for adults, who can respond to changes as they occur. For children, the elderly or infirm, or when water supplies are erratic, a thermostatic model is much safer.









 Power Showers

A power shower overcomes the common British problem of low water pressure, offering indulgence and satisfaction for water addicts. The boosted flow of water, provided by a pump, can be delivered in a variety of spray formats, such as a soft 'champagne foam' effect or an abundant waterfall shower. You'll need to make sure that your shower enclosure is adequate to retain the increased water pressure. Power showers are not recommended for use over a bath. 







You can choose a spray pattern to suit every mood
With a wide range of head options now you can combine massage, relaxing & invigorating shower.












Choose from traditional or contemporary designs.